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Do you need a DJ or a DJ with sound and lighting equipment?

We are professionals in setting up and carrying out DJ events. We have our own equipment and work with the best brands in sound, lighting and image.

In 2021 we started performing in bars/clubs and opening up the possibilities of working in more spaces, without only focusing on events.

We have worked for Super3 (TV3), Fira de Barcelona, FCB (football) among others,...

Without our most loyal fans, we would not be here, thanks to them we continue working and carrying out events worthy of the years we have worked.


Now we are starting two new projects, this time there are two radio stations, one is Urban Radio and the other Urban Classics.

As the name says, they are distinguished by the style of music. We currently have an average of 40 listeners at peak times on the two stations, and there are more and more.

Soon we will make a powerful investment to improve the transmission of the two stations and have the latest equipment on the market in professional radio broadcasting.


Thanks to you, we keep going!




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